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The discovery of agriculture was the first biggest step towards a civilized life.

“Arthur Keith”

Agriculture is considered the backbone of Pakistan’s economy. It is one of the ancient and productive sectors of human activity. Providing food, feed, shelter and clothing has been the goal of agriculture for decades. Department of Agriculture at MCKRU was established in October 2020 with a strong commitment to impart high standard quality education with great quality of research related to the burning problems of agriculture sector to the youth of the country in general and the province of Balochistan, in particular, to face the future challenges of new millennium in Crop Production and Crop Protection sciences in order to produce high order professionals with academic excellence.

The department offers B.Sc. (Hons.) Agri. Sciences (four years degree). The students who get admission in the department of Agriculture have to study general agriculture subjects during their First and Second year (1st to 4th semester). From the third year (5th-8th semester), students have to choose one major these six areas of agriculture such as Agronomy, Plant Breeding and Genetics, Soil Science, Horticulture, Plant Pathology and Entomology to study and conduct their research. In the 8th semester, students are being sent to the well-known agricultural research institutes across the country to conduct their research and to prepare the report. Other than this, Department of Agriculture owns a large area for conducting field experiments and a well-established lab where students can perform their experiments in fully research-based environment.

With the hard work of the faculty of Agriculture, I feel proud by saying that at this stage, our undergraduate students are performing multiple experiments in the lab as well as field and are conducting research with the supervision of their qualified mentors. At this stage our students can scout for various pests and diseases in the field.

There are numerous job opportunities for agriculture graduates at government and private sectors such as Federal Departments of Agriculture Research, Provincial Department of Agriculture (Research and Extension Wing), Seed corporation of Pakistan, Soil testing and tissue culture and genetic engineering laboratories, Cut flower industries, Sugar mills, Private pesticide, fertilizer and seed companies, Universities, Collages and commercial banks of Pakistan.  

I would like to welcome the students who wish to decorate their future with their dreams and with an enthusiasm to bring revolution in the field of agriculture. Students come and get admission in the department of Agriculture to bring a change in the standards of farming community of Balochistan.


Dr. Ghulam Hussain Jatoi

      Incharge Chairperson

 Department of Agriculture




To be one of the leading agricultural University of Pakistan with a mandate to ensure the food security and to reduce the rural poverty through quality education and research in the main sub-sectors of agriculture viz., field crops, orchards and vegetables.


To provide opportunities of outcome-based learning and to develop a research environment in agriculture for the rural youth of Balochistan province. The Department’s overall aim is to focus on the improvement of quantitative and qualitative traits of cereal, fiber and oilseed crops, production of model crop ideotapes suitable for cultivation in different agro-environments of the Balochistan province and ultimately, development of technology package to enhance the capabilities of farmers for various crops. The major beneficiaries of agriculture department are (Sibi, kohlu, Dera Bugti, Ziarat, Harnai, Naseerabad, Jaffarabad, Jhal Magsi, Mastung, Bolan, Kachi, Quatta, and other districts) and maximum number of seats will be allocated to these districts. To stimulate the intellectual participation of youth in the agricultural and professional development of Balochistan. The main objectives of the Agriculture Department as follows:

Job Opportunities for the Graduates from Agriculture Department

            The prime motive behind the establishment of the agriculture department is to promote the rapid transfer of technology to the farming community through a continued output of graduates. The graduates disseminate the modern technical know-how to the farmers to boost up agricultural productivity.

            The main job opportunities are as under: Agricultural graduates may be taken up to work as farm managers in Agricultural Estates. Work as specialists in various disciplines of Agriculture and allied sciences in public and private sector organizations, autonomous and semi-autonomous bodies viz, Zarai Tarqiati Bank (ZTBP) of Pakistan, Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC), Pakistan Council for Research on Water Resources (PCRWR), WAPDA, Fruit Preservation and Grading Industries, etc. Their services can also be utilized in provincial and federal departments of Agricultural Extension, Research, Teaching, Forestry, Plant Protection, Plant Quarantine, Pakistan Central Cotton Committee, Public Parks and Gardens, Agricultural Tools and Machines, Seed Corporations, EPA, SCARP, Sugar Corporation, Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission, and other departments. They may be taken up as agriculture teachers/subject specialists to teach agriculture and agro-technical courses in High Schools and other vocational institutes of education departments. The job-oriented graduates can share the business and management of agro-based industries like fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, sugar and jute mills, cotton factories.

            They can also find access to the departments of Agricultural Census, Agricultural Marketing, Pakistan Broadcasting, and other corporations and commercial Banks, Agro-Economic Research, and Social Welfare Departments.  Job opportunities may also be availed for the graduates of this University in various special projects sponsored by agencies like the National Planning Commission, USAID, FAO, Ford Foundation, National Talent Pool, and agriculture consultancy firms. Agricultural degree holders may seek employment in foreign countries, especially the least developed countries with ongoing agricultural development activities. In this connection the Agriculture department is also engaged in the training of students from the developing countries. Besides, the graduates of Agriculture department are eligible to apply for competitive examinations held by the Provincial and Federal Public Service Commissions for administrative, secretariat and other superior services of Pakistan

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